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Downtown Los Altos

May 1, 2015
Los Altos Community Coalition
Contact: Roy Lave:
Tamara Fagin:

A new, broad-based collaboration of over twenty civic organizations is meeting on the first and third Friday of each month to discuss the development of a land use and integrated financing plan for downtown Los Altos and the Civic Center. The Coalition was initiated by a group of Civic Leaders who recognize the need for the City to move quickly to develop a plan and vision for the city core that will shape the future of civic life in the city. Development of a downtown plan is a major Los Altos City Council goal and the Coalition plans to support the City Council as it funds and initiates a planning process.

The Coalition is CoChaired by former Mayor and civic leader Roy Lave and Tamara Fagin, a former attorney and active volunteer at Bullis Charter School, Egan Jr. High School and within the community. Former Mayor Jane Reed facilitates the bimonthly Coalition meetings. Its twenty organizational members represent many constituents in the community and range from the Chamber of Commerce, Los Altos Stage Company, El Camino Hospital and Los Altos School District to the League of Women Voters and Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Little League.

According to CoChair Lave, “The development of a specific plan will create opportunities for creative land use and design, public/private partnerships and community benefits from private development. The Coalition believes the City needs a shared vision that the City Council, community and private sector can work together to achieve. Our first task is to ensure the City sets aside funds in the upcoming budget to begin the planning process.”

CoChair Fagin explained that once the City funds development of a plan, the Coalition will be a forum for education and for open discussion of ideas about future development of private and public facilities in Los Altos. Said CoChair Fagin. “We will focus on educating people about best planning practices by bringing in subject matter experts on urban planning, municipal finance and public/private partnerships. As currently envisioned, the Coalition will not take positions on planning topics, rather we will provide information for member organizations to consider in taking positions on the future direction of the City.”
The Coalition is interested in having other community groups join in the discussion.

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