The Los Altos Community Coalition (LACC) is a broad-based community collaboration bringing together the experience and creativity of a number of civic groups.

Our Mission

Our mission:  Through education and conversation about future trends, policy proposals, and best practices, the Los Altos Community Coalition promotes good city planning, good government, and civil discourse in our community.

How we do it:

  • Working collaboratively with all members of the Los Altos community.
  • Looking to the future while learning from the past.
  • Providing educational forums on sound urban planning principles and municipal finance practices.
  • Identifying potential opportunities for public and private partnerships.
  • Understanding how to maximize the highest and best uses of city-owned property in the Civic Center and Downtown.
  • Evaluating the implications and trade-offs of land-use decisions relating to the Civic Center and Downtown.
  • Learning from subject matter experts and experiences in other cities.
  • Keeping participant organizations and neighborhoods informed of topics discussed by the Coalition and upcoming City decisions affecting the Civic Center and downtown.
  • Supporting our elected officials in accomplishing these objectives.


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